With so many visitors to Germany finding the services contrary to what they expected, it might be helpful to dispel some of the rumors about German working girls, and the facilities offering “special” services.

10. German parlours prefer local men over foreigners

This tale probably gets strength from certain Asian countries reputation for overcharging or even turning down foreign customers. Despite the rumors, German brothels and massage parlours welcome foreigners with open arms legs.

9. I can get arrested for being in a German brothel

Prostitution was fully legalized in Germany in 2002. Not only is prostitution legal, it’s also accepted by the vast majority of Germans and lacks the stigma attached to paid sex in many countries.

8. The working girls here are mostly old German hags

In recent studies it was found that 63% of girls working in the country are foreign women. Not only that, but this percentage has increased in recent years, and some estimate that it now exceeds 70%. Many gorgeous Czech, Polish, Slovak, and Ukraine girls work the brothels and parlours of Germany.

7. Wohnungspuffs street girls are dangerous

It depends on who you ask. The “Wohnungspuffs” girls are often simply a harem of friends who prefer the safety of working from home. Rather than late night walks home from a brothel or eros centre, these entrepreneurial kittens make their home a public lovenest. What could be more Begr├╝├čung than that?

6. German massage parlours are strictly legitimate

With wide options available in eros centres and brothels, many newcomers assume that happy ending massages aren’t common in Deutschland. The truth is, Berlin massage parlours offer distinct advantages to visitors. Discretion and convenience cannot be beat when one discovers a sensual massage parlour in Germany. And their convenient locations can even make lunch breaks special!

5. German escort services are as good as anywhere

Many first-timers (especially Americans & Canadians) make the mistake of choosing the “escort” route their first time here. Not only are escort services overpriced, many are also operated by organized crime groups and are known for their many scams.

4. FKK nudist resorts must be heaven!

This is a common (and entertaining!) misunderstanding among foreign visitors. While newcomers expect to live out a scene from Eyes Wide Shut, embarrassment normally rears it’s ugly head shortly thereafter. These clubs are typically attended by people who simply like to hang out in the nude, a complete waste of time if you’re looking for action.

3. Berlin prostitution is only permitted in certain areas

Not true. Berlin has legalized street prostitution city-wide. This contrasts with Hamburg which only allows it in Reeperbahn, and during restricted hours. Munich goes even further with it’s prohibition. Each city regulates paid sex services as it sees fit, with Berlin having perhaps the most liberal policy in the world.

2. The minimum age is 16 in Germany

It is important for visitors to know that according to current German law, it is illegal to buy sex from anyone under 18. The minimum age was 16 until 2008, and many websites still have this outdated law posted online.

1. German professional girls give discounts for almost anything

There is some humorous truth to this one! For instance the brothel Pascha gives 50% discounts to senior punters each afternoon, and another brothel helps long-term unemployed by knocking 20% off their bill. Now that’s what we call an extra happy ending!