Red Light German Brothels EXPOSED!

Insider’s Guide To Deutschland’s Ultimate Brothels

hamburg red light

Hamburg's tourist trap brothels are typically overpriced & well-trodden.

Germany red light districts are as vibrant as they are historic. Whether you are on the Hamburg Reeperbahn or Frankfurt’s famous Bahnhofsviertel, the energy at night in Germany’s red light districts is undeniable. With an estimated 400,000 professional girls in Germany (many of whom are sexy Eastern European girls), it’s no wonder that tourists continue to seek information about German brothels. And now YOU will discover German brothel secrets available nowhere else!

germany red light

Berlin hotel working girl.

Red light districts in all of Germany’s major cities vary greatly. For instance Hamburg’s famous Reeperbahn is home to some of the oldest brothels, but recently has seen an increase in rip-off establishments anxious to take advantage of naive visitors. Customers who frequent the older brothels know what to expect – typically a seasoned woman at a premium price. Men who take chances on newer unknown brothels accept the risk of being ripped off or victimized. It’s a sad fact for newcomers – the German pleasure scene is anything but simple these days.

Frankfurt Red Light Tourist Traps Revealed!

Frankfurt red light district is one of the nation’s most famous. Known as Bahnhofsviertel, the area across from Hauptbahnhof comes alive each evening and offers Eastern European beauties serving customers well into the night. Many of the brothels along this famous boulevard offer decent value for the money, but off the beaten path one may find delights that normally only the most experienced travelers enjoy. It’s true that no matter what fetish, fantasy, or taste you possess, you can find satisfaction in Frankfurt if you’re well-guided.

Munich Red Light WARNING!

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Frankfurt discrete hotel room companion.

Munich brothels are some of the most touristy in Bavaria. Catering to foreign visitors and businessmen, the prices tend to be higher here than in Frankfurt and Cologne. In fact if one has local knowledge of the Munich brothel scene he’ll avoid the touristy places altogether – locals here definitely keep the best for themselves, importing fresh girls from Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia every month. Munich and Berlin red light districts are internationally famous in large part because of their reputation for aggressive girl importing from neighboring countries. It is common insider knowledge that there are more Polish working girls in Berlin than in Warsaw!

Berlin should never be taken lightly, though. Each night tourists seeking pleasure are overcharged, scammed, and even robbed in Berlin’s red light areas. The city is no place to be wandering alone at night, unless you’re a veteran of the area and know the landscape. Be sure to use extra caution at night on Berlin’s streets – never let yourself become a victim to unscrupulous brothels and the street criminals who often use the girls to lure in unsuspecting victims.