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If you’ve ever experienced Germany’s red light districts, especially in Frankfurt and Berlin, you know well the tourist trap brothel scene. Newcomers are easily overwhelmed by street-level solicitors, with promises of no-limits services at the hands of beautiful girls. And you also certainly know how easy it is to be misled and ripped off in German red light districts!

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As a traveler who has been visiting Deutschland for almost 15 years, I know as well as anyone the perils and dangers facing pleasure seekers.

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Don’t take my word for it though – actually I wouldn’t expect you to. After all, I’m personally the world’s biggest skeptic. That’s why I only ordered when I found out that Preston backs his pdf guide with the same powerful guarantee as his personal tours – Scooter’s authority in Germany is well known and his expert picks will soon make you a believer! Not only will you instantly have several pleasure seeking options in seconds, Scooter also shows you the traps to avoid – the tricks that German brothels & escort houses use to lure and cheat those without this insider knowledge.

Scooter’s advice is not for everyone, though. Large stag groups are forbidden from downloading the guide. Preston finds stunningly hot girls for low local prices – not big party venues like the stag groups normally prefer, anyway. Scooter’s guide was created for gentlemen seeking discrete pleasures from Germany’s hottest working girls and can be instantly accessed now for only €65.99 Limited Time Offer! €29. Whether you want to enjoy their company in tasteful, dimly lit speakeasy brothels, or order girls to your hotel room, Scooter’s guide will absolutely exceed your highest expectations – with comes with free updates for an entire year. To begin your Germany adventure now click below.

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Updated December 2018!